Church Hike, Sept 16th

Our next congregational hike will be on Saturday, Sep 16. This hike is to Lake Serene, a beautiful alpine lake, surrounded by steep cliffs. It is 8.2 miles with a 2000 ft elevation gain. The group will meet at the school parking lot at 8 am and carpool to the trailhead (early start because trailheads get crowded on weekends.) If you are interested in participating, contact John Sanford.

Gospel Identity Class Orientation, August 20th

Redeemer's 2018 Identity Mapping (ID) Cohort is Launching Soon

Identity Mapping (ID Mapping) is a year-long discipleship tool enabling Christians to fulfill their life calling because they are convinced that God delights in them. Through a two hour listening session with an Identity Mapping leader, five one-on-one sessions with ID coaches, weekly Bible studies and quarterly dinners with ten to twenty other class participants, men and women learn how they are equipped to uniquely reflect God’s glory to the world.

Identity Mapping is different from other spiritual formation approaches. It is intensely personal and intentionally communal. It is deeply reflective and thoroughly practical. By year’s end each participant has looked deeply at his or her unique design within the context and with the support of Christian community. And each participant has recognized the centrality of the gospel and biblical theology in understanding his or her identity and the life-giving roles and responsibilities God has given him or her.

Orientation Session: Sunday, August 20th

The Orientation Session for the class is on Sunday, August 20th. We will meet at Riverpark Apartments for lunch and orientation to the material. We ask people to make their commitment (or not) to the class after this orientation. We have space for only 20 cohort participants.

ID class begins Sunday, September 17th

If you are interested in participating in this class please contact Pastor Jason Dorsey ( or Jenny Dorsey (   

Past class participants describe the ID cohort experience like this:

"Identity Mapping is a multifaceted course purposed to help individuals discover the wonder of their own individuality.  Personal interview, class time, private coaching sessions and small group discussion integrate to help people of all backgrounds learn what makes each of them unique.  The fusion of text, personal interview and classroom teaching drives biblical truths home and causes a holy wrestle with new thoughts that are maturing and faith building.  Classroom conversations and dinners add to the discovery as well.  Speaking, naming, listening, reflecting - all integral to the process. 

"It has been a very beneficial tool for me -- helping unlock and reveal self to self as created by God.  I have been challenged to LOOK at ME in the context of ME as I interact with ME in my private world.  How empowering and staggering to realize that no one but me is in this particular spot.  No one else can have jurisdiction over this magical, mysterious space inside my skin.  No one can be me, but me.  No one can reflect God like me, but me.  No one can have the relationship with God that I have, but ME. Whether a believer or not, young or old, delving into this space is like stepping on holy ground.  The space of particularity where God and man intersect is sacred." - Amy

"Identity Mapping is a year-long journey of discovering yourself more fully as God’s workmanship.  Its combination of guided discovery, study, self-evaluation, community interaction, and personal coaching enables deep growth and change.  Profoundly biblical yet very real to my life, it has led me to see myself more clearly, to embrace both the beauty and brokenness of me (my this-ness), and to understand the fullness of God’s call on my life.  In a word, it’s transformative." - Mike

Women's Fall Retreat, September 9th & 10th

Registration for the Women's Retreat is now open! It will be located at Rainbow Lodge in North Bend, WA ( The cost is $125 for Single Room, and $95 for a Double Room (includes linens & towels, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch). The retreat will start at 5pm on Saturday the 9th, and end at 4pm on Sunday the 10th. 

Make checks out to Redeemer Redmond (in the memo line write "Women's Retreat / (your name)." Registration deadline is August 27th - $25 late fee after this date. 

Contact Jenny Dorsey for registration information or with questions (

Registration Link: Women's Retreat Registration Link 2017

Mail payment to: Redeemer Redmond Church (16625 Redmond Way, Ste. M#523, Redmond, WA 98052).

Counseling Initiative Launched


  1. Redeemer Church greatly appreciates the role, and the value, of trained professional counselors.  Many of our leaders and members at Redeemer report having personally benefited from such counseling.  We heartily encourage Redeemer members and non-members to consider using such services, when needed.

  2. For members needing assistance with professional counseling expenses, the Deacons have established a Redeemer Counseling Fund.  Contact Deacon Frank Huston with any questions or requests:

  3. In consultation with our pastor and elders, the Deacons will prepare a list of recommended professional counselors for people to consider.  At present, that list includes three Redeemer members – David Noor ( and Leanne Konzelman and Drew Konzelman (

    We plan to have a fuller list by mid-October, and the Deacons will review it regularly, adding or revising as needed.  It will be available on our website, church app, and Welcome Table once completed.  We are also asking other pastors in the area to recommend trusted, professional counselors for us to consider adding to the list.

  4. The Deacons will also use the Fund for similar assistance to people outside the church – like other mercy ministry outreaches.  To that end, the professional counselors in our church have indicated their willingness to serve in this ministry.  Non-members can contact David, Leanne or Drew directly, and these counselors will coordinate with the Deacons on funding.

  5. You can contribute to the Redeemer Counseling Fund at any time by noting it on your check that you make. Please make check out to Mercy Fund/Counseling Initiative. 

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