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Redmond Middle School
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Nursery Information

Children are an important part of our life at Redeemer. We value our children and want to provide for them an environment that is safe and nurturing so that they can actively learn about the God who loves them. Our children love to come to church because it is a positive place where they feel loved, learn how to worship God in age appropriate ways and are challenged to be ministers of the Gospel to their families.
Basic Information

  • Ages 0-2

  • Nursery is offered during the worship service: 10:30-12:00

  • We maintain a 3 children to 1 adult ratio in our nursery

  • We follow a check in/check out procedure for all children

  • All nursery volunteers complete a background check and training (See Redeemer C.A.R.E. below).

Redeemer C.A.R.E. We have established Redeemer CARE (Children and Adults in a Responsible Environment) policies and procedures to protect not only our children but also you our volunteers

Children's Worship

For ages 3-8, held during the sermon.

Redeemer welcomes your children to be present in our worship services. We also provide age appropriate worship for your children that shares the Bible's story of Jesus Christ. We believe that our children can and should be invited to trust in Jesus and worship him from their earliest days.

Contact Linda Huston ( with questions.

Adult Sunday School

Sundays, 9:15am-10:15am

Offerings this year:

Gospel Spirituality 100-1: “The Family of God”

Gospel Spirituality 100-2: “Building Christian Foundations-Pt. 1: The Study of the Trinity and Christian Disciplines"

Gospel Identity 200: “Identity & Calling in Christ”


Redeemer follows the classical expository method of preaching. Each Sunday we study a passage of Scripture to learn who God is, who we are, and how he calls us to repent and live by faith in Jesus Christ.

We typically study whole books – or at least large swaths – of Scripture at a time, listening to God’s Word and watching His Mighty Actions in History. You can expect that over a year sermons will have ranged over the entire Scriptures, covering the narratives, the Law of God, the Wisdom writings and Prophesies of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament Gospels that tell of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ and the letters that expound the Christian life and Christian community. We have a high view of the preaching of God’s Word because we share the conviction of the Second Helvitic Confession that “the preaching of the Word of God is the Word of God.”


Sermon Schedule

19 - Life in the Spirit: God’s Everlasting Love, Romans 8:31-39
26 - Church as Witness: God’s Sovereign Choice, Romans 9:1-29

2 - Church as Witness: The Heart of Evangelism, Romans 9:30-10:4
9 - Church as Witness: The Message of Salvation to All, Romans 10:5-21
16 - Church as Witness: God’s Purpose in Redemption History, Romans 11:1-24
23 - Church as Witness: Glory to God, Romans 11:25-36
30 - Soli Deo Gloria, Romans 11:33-36

7 - Rev. Nathaniel Thompson
14 - Rev. Jay Stoms
21 - Rev. Jay Stoms
28 - Rev. Hans Stout


For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich. – 2 Corinithians 8:9

Redeemer is committed to seeing God’s generosity toward us transform us, both as individuals and as a church, from grasping at material things for happiness to being people characterized by breath-taking generosity.

As the generosity of God changes individuals it also radically changes the way we view our time, talents, money and other resources. It motivates us to look beyond our personal and family needs to serve and help others. It helps us see that we do not exist for ourselves and our needs but to bring the good news of Jesus Christ – in Word and Deed – to our neighbors, our city, and our world. Redeemer is committed to helping members of our congregation grow in a lifestyle of generosity. We do this by creating a culture where Christian generosity is taught, modeled, and celebrated.

We are also committed to being a church that shares more and our resources outside of us. We do this by mobilizing our congregation to do the work of ministry rather than hiring a large staff, by creating annual budgets that are fiscally responsible, transparent and that minimize waste, and by finding creative and innovative ways to give more.

One example of how we do this is our Deacons Fund. The deacons take two special offerings each year: one at Easter and one at Thanksgiving. This fund is used in many ways: To help the needy in our congregation and community, to provide scholarships for people to get Christian counseling, to give grants to congregation members for mercy, justice and outreach initiatives, to support congregation members in short-term mission projects, and to support local ministries that we partner with.